Hobbits are larger than liliputs, albeit smaller than dwarves. Although they don't like to hurry unnecessarily, they can move agile and noiselessly. They owe their elusiveness only to multi-generational practice and closeness to the earth. Their height varies between two and four feet. They say, however, that the present generations have dwarfed and that they were once taller. They have sensitive hearing and keen eyesight.

Hobbits in the old days were divided into three different families:

- The Harfoots were more weathered and thinner than the others, they did not wear beards or shoes, they had small and swift hands and feet, and they lived most willingly on the highlands and on the mountain slopes.
- The Stoors were more massive and heavier, their hands and feet were bigger, and they liked to establish their habitats on highlands and rivers.
- The Fallohides had lighter skin and hair, they were taller and slimmer than the rest of the hobbits, and they loved trees and forests.

Hobbits were bound to place where they lived (mostly in Shire, the land where hobbits were common). They didn't like adventures and preferred calm evening by the cup of mulled wine and full stomach. Bilbo Baggins was probably most notable hobbit that ventured into the unknown lands, which gained him a title of a madman. Hobbits of all joys of life, loved family gatherings and visiting friends - which was again connected with filling their bellies.

They didn't like to be near water - mostly because they were poor swimmer. The only modern family who wasn't afraid of rivers was Brandybuck.

Hobbits were very suspicious against tall men, calling them Outsiders - the only tall man who was welcomed in Shire, was Gandalf and even that, reluctantly.

Hobbits were mostly farmers, the vast fields were covering their land - they lived from what they sown, not relying on any help from outside. The rular landscape was creating a peaceful aura, which hobbits, who loved to lived from day to day, were appreciating.

They were usually peaceful race, yet they possessed stout and brave hearts, which was showing in need - when Saruman wanted to take over Hobbiton, they fought with bravery that markmen could envy them, considering they usually didn't train with any weapons.

Hobbits are my favorite Middle-Earth race - they are easygoing, brave, friendly and never let the loved ones down. Altough sometimes petty and busybody, they could be the most loyal friends you could ask for. It were two hobbits who ended the war of the Ring - they proved to be the best Middle-earth had to offer, sacrificing themselves and going forth, even if they didn't know the way.